January 2008 - Duathlon - Sprint distance

Sunday, 20th January 2008 – Schinias Bay, Marathonas – Winter Event : Duathlon…
Blue sky, sunshine, 17 degrees, light northern wind… Once again the Schiniathlon morning opened up on very favourable conditions on all sides !
9:00am the flow of athletes checking in at the Moraitis Resort started to grow steadily. The athletes collected their race package, getting ready for the race : 5km run, 21.5km cycle, 5km run… Some adventure for the day, a new challenge to most of the athletes here!
At 11:15 sharp, 55 apprentice-duathletes and more experienced competitors, started running at the sound of the horn, for a 5km run inside the beautiful pine-tree forest of Schinias.
First athletes back-in did a fantastic job, clocking in at 15mn28sc, above 19km/h pace !! Ioannis Mouxos and challenger Chris Mavrikos set up a strong pace from the beginning.
The lead of these two athletes, racing side by side, was confirmed yet again at the cycle part. 21.5km on the flat roads surrounding the Rowing Centre was a matter of 36mn, averaging 37km/h, they once again got back to the Transition Area side by side, at full capacity.
1h07mn after the start, the horn of the motorcycle announced the return of the first athletes… Ioannis Mouxos had, quite impressivley, managed to make a 35sc break from challenger Chris Mavrikos, crossing the line with a clear and well deserved lead!
These athletes gave us a great show and pushed themselves to the limit, finishing the race in 1h07 and 1h08 respectively, setting up a very high record, for the first Duathlon event held at Schinias Bay.
Then, the rest of the athletes made their way back, first timers and experienced, all reaching the line with a smile, in a more relaxed, less competitive atmosphere. Most of the participants were entering a Duathlon Event for the first time ever, and there was lot of satisfaction and pleasure to be read from their faces as they passed the finish line !
Local athletes managed to place very honorably on the Finish Line. Most notably Leonidas Athanasopoulos, Apostolos Zorbas, and Panagiotis Theofilas who discovered the world of multi-sports since the event was launched in May, managed to make their way to the Top 10, among Greece’s Top Triathletes! Well done to them all!
After the race, the athletes gathered at the Moraitis Resort,  to enjoy the now traditional post-race food and celebration buffet, in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Schiniathlon and the Moraitis Sports Centre are very proud to have completed a Cycle of 3 events this year : Spring and Autumn multi-sport challengess & Winter Duathlon.
We hope to see again many of you on the starting-line in May 2008 for some more fun !
Aloha, kai efkaristoume all of you para para poli !
Sportively Yours
The Schiniathlon Organisation Team

Schiniathlon video

Short story of Schininathlon, the classic triathlon event at Schinias bay, Athens, Greece"

Video shot during Schiniathlon events of 2011 and produced by Transition Sports