Behind the scenes: September 2008

The year ends up with record number of participants. Closing the 2nd season of Schiniathlon it becomes evident that things need to change. 

A structure needs to exist in order to issue receipts for the race fees, to receive and pay invoices, funds need to be raised to develop an infrastructure and more time and work need to be invested. 

Since we cannot become a triathlon club (due to the nature of our relationship with the National Federation) we have no other way to go: HOP Ltd is born. A unipersonal company headed by Marie Leautey, sole owner and employee. 

Creating HOP is the main task of the inter-season, along with looking for sponsorship and building the business to widen the offer... 2009 plan is in the air

Schiniathlon video

Short story of Schininathlon, the classic triathlon event at Schinias bay, Athens, Greece"

Video shot during Schiniathlon events of 2011 and produced by Transition Sports